Namew Lake Property

The 100% owned Namew Lake project is located in the Flin-Flon Greenstone belt and are adjacent to the Rocky Lake Property.  The property covers over 19,000 hectares.

The Paleoproterozoic Flin Flon domain contains 31 developed VMS deposits, from which more than 170 million tonnes of sulphide ore have been mined or are under development. The well-documented association of these deposits with isotopically juvenile, 1.92–1.88 Ga, volcanic arc assemblages provides a powerful predictive tool for exploration. Exceptionally high gold (Au) contents of many of these deposits, including Flin Flon (62.5 Mt @ 2.7 g Au/t) and Lalor Lake (9.9 Mt @ 5.7 g Au/t in the Au zone), make them particularly attractive exploration targets.

Project Highlights

  • Located in the major Flin Flon VMS production zone which includes the Lalor Lake mine and 10 others are located
  • Property adjoins the Rocky Lake property
  • 41 targets confirmed by VTEM survey
  • Infrastructure in place (highways, rail and power)
  • 3 targets drilled in 2012, all confirmed massive sulphides with copper mineralization  between 100-500ppm and iron suphides up to 30%
  • Zinc mineralization of upto 0.44% confirmed in RL12-9

QMC Exploration

In the spring of 2011, the Company carried out an helicopter-borne VTEM plus Time Domain EM survey (Geotech) covering all the project licenses and claims (including Rocky Lake property) for a total of 2,142 line kilometers with 160 metre line spacing over an area of 316 square kilometers.  Geotech’s VTEM system has been shown to locate discrete conductive anomalies as well as mapping lateral and vertical variations in resistivity. These conductors could represent hidden volcanogenic massive sulphide mineralized bodies at depth.

Based on the analysis of EM anomaly picking, EM time-constant (TAU) and resistivity depth imaging, 21 deep targets were selected for Maxwell 2.5D plate modeling.  Out of 21 targets, 15 were classified as first priority targets.  The Company selected five of these priority targets recommended in the Geotech report for test drilling the conductors. In December 2011, QMC commenced drilling on the property which was completed in the spring of 2012 for 1,425 metres.

Three drill holes, RL12-6, RL12-8 and RL12-9 intersected mineralization on three separate targets outside the Rocky Lake area (T11A, T12Aand T12B) and a fourth hole, RL12-4, intersected the hanging wall altered felsic wall rock rocks (Target T14). This drill hole was short of the deep target.  All three holes returned anomalous values in copper up to 100 to 500 ppm with iron sulphides up to 30%.  RL12-9 also returned anomalous values in zinc (shown below).  Hole RL12-7 (Target 11B) appeared to miss the target. Results indicate that further work is required on these targets and the additional VTEM targets identified.