What is a VMS Deposit?

  • Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposits are one of the richest sources of metals such as copper, lead and zinc globally.  VMS deposits can also produce economic amounts of gold and silver as by-products of mining these deposits.
  • Currently, global metal production from VMS deposits account for 22% of zinc, 6% of copper, 9% of silver and 2% of gold.

Where are VMS Deposits found?

  • VMS deposits occur around the globe and often form in clusters, following the tectonic plate boundaries in areas of ancient underwater volcanic activity.
  • Natural processes underway today are forming the VMS deposits of Tomorrow.  This gives scientists an incredible advantage in witnessing how VMS deposits form and gives a special advantage to geologist for what to look for.

VMS Deposits Around The World

Source: Foran Mining